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Shrink Wrap Sheeting for Weather Protection & Containment

Shrink-wrap sheeting is specially formulated with additives to prevent degradation by UV or becoming brittle in cold weather. Each production run is tested for consistency of thickness and shrink-ability to ensure that the quality of our products is always maintained.

Covering for Roofs

Our flame retardant films are tested with a level of fire resistance that is approved by European building regulations for permanent installations. Shrink wrap sheeting is a strong and durable plastic cladding which is heat shrunk to create a 'drum tight' and tear resistant covering over roofs and facades of any size or shape scaffold structure.

Shrink Wrap Sheets

Shrink wrap sheets are joined together by heat welding, creating a continuous skin around the scaffold structure without the holes or gaps typical of traditional sheeting. This makes Shrink wrap sheeting highly effective for applications where a high level of containment or weather protection is required. Our Shrink wrap sheeting is ideal for our customers wishing to obtain 100% containment.

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